Lovelace; turn off only

Hi! As an relatively HA noob trying to build my first dashboard. I want to ad a lights card that only will turn off all lights, not on. i grouped all lights but then i’m lost.

You could use a script.

Create a script with light.turn_off (or switch.turn_off) and add it to the dashboard as an entity

Or if not confident with scripts, just create a helper toggle, and an automation triggered by helper to turn off the group.

A scrip and automation is the same thing, they are created the same way you just leave out the trigger in scripts.

thanks for the quick replies all! i created a toggle as helper, but then i’m stuck. all my current automations are on Homey, so i dont have experience with ha scripts or automations

It might be easier just to add your light group to any card that supports Actions, then change the Tap Action to run the service to turn off the light group. Then you won’t need any helpers, scripts, or automations.

There’s a list of the cards (most of them) that support actions here Actions - Home Assistant (, along with documentation for defining the tap action.

Here’s an example using the Button Card

type: button
entity: light.yourlightgroup
  action: call-service
  service: light.turn_off
    entity_id: light.yourlightgroup

Thanks!! this works like a charm!