Lovelace UI Blank - white screen - IPAD IOS

I am running the newest IOS version and the newest HA version. I use a new 9.7” iPad to display Lovelace UI . It displays fine for an hour or so then goes blank . If i manually refresh card repopulates for a while then goes blank again. There are a few picture entity cards displaying cameras on this card.

Same problem here on my iPad. It seems like it is constantly refreshing the frontend. When using tabs on my iPhone it also refreshes to the main page.

BTW running 0.85.1 version

Yep… same thing here … every 10-15 secs seems like I get a front end refresh. And it will do it successfully multiple times and then once it will just stay blank(white screen) like nothing has loaded

I have the same problem, though this seems to be a webkit problem (at least I think). I found that camera’s and the custom weather card makes the page refresh often.

I did have this on every page but it got massively improved when I turned on some experimental features in Safari (Settings>Safari>Advanced>Experimental Features)

Same problem here.

I will try this and see if I get any improvement. Thanks

It still refreshes for me, however only on the pages with camera’s and the custom weather component. All others work fine for me (but before I turned on all these experimental features it would refresh every 2 seconds and even go back to the main page which is very annoying). I hope this helps though, even if its just a little.

I forgot to mention that you need to restart safari and home assistant for the changes to take effect (hard close them from the app switcher).

I have the same problem on iphone, latest iOS. Frequent refresh of UI, and sometimes clicking tabs don’t load them. Did work fine before update of Home Assistant Companion.
Don’t have issues when running Home Assistant in Safari or on desktop computer with Chrome.

Ive tried multiple browsers on Ipad and also recommended experimental features and still the same outcome

Home Assistant 0.86 fixed this for me (however it won’t load the custom weather card on my desktop anymore).

But honestly, for my iphone it runs like a charm, I haven’t got a single refresh and had it open for minutes. All cards load immediately and applied css finally stays (I use rounded buttons, but regularly they would become square again when used on custom button cards).

Just upgraded to 0.86.2 and I’ll still getting the white screen after a period of inactivity. Seems to vary greatly on when I’ll get it but it always seems to happen within 12 hours or so. I’m running on older iPad so it only supports iOS 10.3.3 so unsure if that’s part of it or not.

For those who don’t have this issue can you comment on what iOS version you are running?

I have the same issue on all my clients, including the official android app and chrome. Everything shows up for a period of time and then it goes blank. I’m using the latest home assistant server (0.107).