Lovelace UI flickering after upgrade to 2021.9.5

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Yesterday I updated from 2021.8.8 to 2021.9.5
Update proces was smooth, service (in docker) started right away, no errors in the logs.

But when accessing my floorplan UI (based on a cool example somewhere on this forum)
the UI is now flickering. On laptop is annoying but fast, but on my crap Lenovo Android display on the wall, the UI is now almost useless since it takes ages for the UI to render correctly, and then it flickers again.
See this video:

The UI is based on a config-template-card with picture-elements, images, button-cards and decluttering_templates.
I’m running the latest version of HACS and HACS plugins.

I’ve checked the developer console. While flickering the browser is not doing any network requests, no messages in the console.

There are quite a bit of WebSocket events coming in. With this release, the UI seems to required quite more time to re-render the UI.
It there a way to reduce the number of WebSocket updates? I do not want to reduce the number of states on the display, but I would not mind if they would only update once or twice a minute.

Any idea how to fix this? My main wall display is kind of useless now :cry:

have you find a solution for this issue?

I’m having same problem, possible solution here (not working for me though)

Issue has been solved in 2021.10.x
Thanks for fixing!!