Lovelace UI media-control for Plex 'non_clients'

The Plex component provides great support to HA media-player controls for remote clients, browser based players, PlexConnect Apple TV’s, etc. via the “include_non_clients” and “use_custom_entity_ids”. The state-machine does a great job at generating and presenting the media-player entities dynamically.

As of right now, I see no direct equivalent way to include these dynamically created PLEX media players with the media-control card in the lovelace UI.

It would be nice to this as a feature of lovelace.

Maybe wildcard a media player ‘namespace and have media-control cards generated for all matching media player’. Something like:

  • type: media-control
    entity: media_player.plex*


  • type: media-control
    name_space: ‘plex’

The same probably is true and applies for kodi

Where would i get started to create one? I assume a ton of javascript is involeved

I would start by seeing what’s available from the plex api. The Plex api serves the media player entities to ha already.

It may be that a tweak to HA code is needed rather than lovelace since they can be ‘temporary’ medial player entities and are not specifically denoted as ‘plex’. They show up in the state machine as ‘’ or 'media_player. firefox" etc…

They are also not given the optional ‘namespace’ and official plex clients can be given…

Hope this helps.

This sounds better suited for a custom card being how platform specific it is

Yes, you’ll need to know JS, or TS, better yet! Check out the HA polymer repo’s cards and the custom_cards repo for examples.