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Hi, would you mind sharing your current config? seems the link is broken.

If you mean the 4 entities at the right it should do toggle on tap, and more-info on hold as default.
sorry I get you now, I have not use popup cards before, I would have to look into how they work, I’ll add it to my list of things to look at.

@badgerhome heres the latest version, lost has changed, so look at the example.

I have changed the way sensor labels work, you now use them via sensor_label_1, sensor_label_2, sensor_label_3.

have added ulm_card_room_use_label_icons it’s false as default, bit if enable it looks like this (atm this only supports Temp, Humidity, Lux):

you no longer need ulm_card_room_label_use_brightness if you include a bulb as the main room entity, it will automatically pick it up, and use the brightness when the bulb is on.

and as you can see you can now put any sensor in the the sensor labels, and it will try to detect the type and report the correct label.

you can now use ulm_card_room_use_light_color: true when the light supports colour and it will use the current bulb color as the entity on colour.

as you might have seen my card uses slightly larger font for label than the original you can revert back to the original label font size by using ulm_card_room_use_small_label_font: true

in the 6 sensor icon’s you can use to choose the action type default is more-info

          action: toggle


          action: more-info

here’s an example of my front garden

  - type: custom:button-card
      grid-area: room1
      - custom_card_andyblac_room
      - green_no_state
    name: Front Garden
    icon: mdi:flower
      action: navigate
      navigation_path: front-garden
      sensor_label_1: sensor.front_garden_motion_sensor_temperature
      sensor_label_2: sensor.front_garden_soil_sensor_humidity
      sensor_label_3: sensor.front_garden_motion_sensor_illuminance_lux
        entity_id: binary_sensor.front_door
        ulm_card_room_sensor_color: green
        entity_id: binary_sensor.front_garden_motion_sensor_occupancy
        ulm_card_room_sensor_color: green
        entity_id: switch.front_garden_water_control
        ulm_card_room_sensor_color: green
          action: toggle
        entity_id: light.front_garden_light
        ulm_card_room_use_light_color: true

I am starting to work on animations with the main room icon and entities icons.

it starts to animate when my boiler fires for hot water (detected via OpenTherm Gateway)

I would love your feed back, I plan to start a git with this card and animation templates so it will be easier for people to keep uptodate.

OK created a git for my custom cards

I will add a wiki and a dev branch soon for beta releases,

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Very good thx for your work.

Yes, i have a group of 6 light that i want to use in a entity so with the single click I can turn them all on, but with hold I would like to be able to open a popup in which there are all 6 lights and I can change their parameters individually.

For the 4 entity and 6 sensor is it possible to define an icon?


try v1.7.1 add ability to set icon in entities and sensors. · andyblac/UI-Minimalist-Custom-Cards@18c1158 · GitHub


I have started a thread for my custom cards, anyone is welcome to help find issues, etc.

It works! Thx

Hello, you are finished and Share the code? Thanks.

Has anyone been able to extend a background further up when the bat% and time is?

If you go through the application, have you checked that you are in full screen?

I did enable full screen, it hasn’t changed anything but removed the time and bat indicators. Perhaps it is a setting I should change on the background image?

background-image: center / cover no-repeat url("https://9to5mac.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2022/07/Home-app-iOS-16-wallpaper-2.png") fixed

EDIT: I did find this site, seems to be an ios issue. Not sure how I’m supposed to implement it tho. Any ideas?

What you’re looking for is the layout card, just like in the example you mentioned. Specifically custom:grid-layout with the mediaquery option. Then you can define multiple layouts for different screen sizes like in the example, all in one dashboard.

In the layouts, you define grid-template-areas, e.g. ‘lights’. Then to a card or vertical stack of cards, simply add the following:

type: vertical-stack
  - ...
  grid-area: lights

This will place the cards in the ‘lights’ area, wherever it may be according to your grid-template-areas layout and mediaquery (screen size).

Sorry for maybe a duplicate issue, but have not found anything here in the channel.
Today I did an update to button card 4.1. Since that, all of my Popup have this white border (in light mode its blue). Anyone know where this comes from?


if you try my v2 card it should now support UI Minimalist popup templates like

# Office
  - type: custom:button-card
      - custom_card_andyblac_room
    name: Office
    icon: mdi:desk
      action: navigate
      navigation_path: office
      ulm_custom_card_andyblac_room_color: blue
          - popup_light
        entity_id: light.office_dimmer

get from my github

Thanks so much, it seems to work.
Now I will try to test it and understand how to adapt it by reading your github carefully.

you can also do custom popup’s in my cards (latest from dev branch), look at my instructions here

Hello there!

Anyone knows how to remove the space between the different grids? I would also like to remove the grey borders that overlap in the entities (like in the circadian entities) do you how can i do that?

Thanks in advance!

button_card_templates: !include_dir_merge_named "../../custom_components/ui_lovelace_minimalist/__ui_minimalist__/ulm_templates/"

title: "UI Lovelace Minimalist"
theme: "minimalist-desktop"
background: "var(--background-image)"
# views: !include_dir_merge_list "views/"

  - title: "Home"
    path: 0
    icon: "mdi:home-variant"
      - type: "vertical-stack"
          - type: "custom:button-card"
            template: card_weather
            entity: weather.casa
              ulm_card_weather_name: " "
                - wind_speed
                - precipitation_probability
                fade: true
          - type: grid
            columns: 3
              - type: "custom:button-card"
                template: card_light
                entity: light.bedroom_2
                  ulm_card_light_enable_slider: true
                  ulm_card_light_enable_color: true
                  ulm_card_light_force_background_color: true
              - type: "custom:button-card"
                template: card_light
                entity: light.office_2
                  ulm_card_light_enable_slider: true
                  ulm_card_light_enable_color: true
                  ulm_card_light_force_background_color: true
              - type: "custom:button-card"

I have a problem with cards that require a slider for both lights and covers.
I tried reinstalling the integration twice but it didn’t fix it.
what can I do?

try and add this repository to HACS and install it GitHub - AnthonMS/my-cards: Bundle of my custom Lovelace cards for Home Assistant. Includes: my-slider, my-slider-v2, my-button

I don’t know how but I missed it in the config file
- url: /hacsfiles/my-cards/my-cards.js
type: module