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So you didn’t update the code? Any other update you have run? Other things you use that are not officially documented in the Minimalist docs?

These errors are just some code objects faulty recognized as entities by Watchman

I have updated room-card via HACS and Home Assistant Core in the last 24 hours.

Both should not have any influence on the card_room

Is your theme set correctly? As that is what defines the variables for the colors.

Yeah, I’m using the correct theme, two days ago they had an update on HACS (using notcis theme).

Notics is not really the correct theme for this card :grimacing:

Assuming you had it working before; have you added some custom lines to that theme in the past?
As updating a theme through HACS will override all files and replace them with a new one.

I had some color configurations in the raw configuration of the dashboard window, but nothing else has been changed.
by the way, the one who helped me with the raw config colors was you :wink:

Ah okay, on discord you mean? I can remember that I suggested putting the color variables from the Minimalist theme into the Notics file. These will definitely be overridden by the recent update you have done. So try adding them back.

PS: If you run unsupported installation methods and themes; it’s recommended to get yourself familiar in this case with themes, color-variables, and button_card_templates. As any random change can break your setup while supported ways still function normally.
Also that will make it a lot easier for others to help you(we cannot keep track of every setup of every user that does things differently), otherwise others will assume you have done things like it’s supposed to :wink:

Thanks, man!
The problem is that I can still see all the color variables I have put inside the raw configuration

Therefore, I can’t find what’s missing in my code.

That are button_card_templates, not color variables :grimacing:

These templates use color-variables, like var(--color-pink), that need to be defined in your themes-file.
So the color-variables you are missing in Notics are:

      color-red: "245, 68, 54"
      color-green: "1, 200, 82"
      color-yellow: "255, 145, 1"
      color-blue: "61, 90, 254"
      color-purple: "102, 31, 255"
      color-grey: "187, 187, 187"
      color-pink: "233, 30, 99"
      color-theme: "51,51,51"

Where do I add them? I tried to add them on the bottom part of the configuration I sent you, restarted HA

how can i chance the “user name” return welcome + ', ' + ' <br>' + user.name + '!'; in the friendly_name or username?


ID: c013e54c6a7746d8a2231290d9xxxxx
Username: xxxxx

Hi, i am really struggling with the love lace UI installation. I followed the steps her
Installation - UI Lovelace Minimalist (ui-lovelace-minimalist.github.io)

But when I click on the menu “UI Lovelave” i do not get the example dashboard but an error that the custom element is not found. Any ideas?

I love how your room card came out! Im looking to replace my existing room card with this design. i attached an image of what my existing room card looks like. Im trying to make changes to this room card to use in my own environment so that it includes one more icon on the lower right for a light, a little icon for motion status and another entity under the temperature that will tell me if the room is calling for heat. anyone that can help with this wil be extremely appreciated!

So im basically trying to turn my existing card into this design image

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perfect, do it :wink:

you need the plugin “button-card”

Add this repo in HACS and add the integration and it should work

Hi everyone, I’m a minimalist UI newbie and I’m searching for a scheduler card to schedule something in the UI like the custom scheduler card in github. How can I add that card to minimalist UI? Or is there a minimalist UI card to do what I need?

In the image there’s the custom card I use in my standard dashboard!
Screenshot_20230122_193249_Home Assistant|239x500

How did you get the time until rubbish disposal to display nicely like that? My sensors always display 2023-01-01T00:00:00 instead of the prettified label. This only happens on the minimalist UI cards, not the integrated HA ones.

It’s offtopic but I just add some template sensors which hold the remaining days. If your normal sensors support that attribute you can use this code otherwise you have to calculate the days related to current date. Maybe this helps:

platform: template
    friendly_name: "Restabfall"
    unit_of_measurement: "Tage"
    device_class: duration
    value_template: >- 
      {% if states['sensor.ics_2'].state %}
        {{ states.sensor.ics_2.attributes.remaining }}
      {% endif %}
    icon_template: >-
      {% if states['sensor.ics_2'].state %}
        {% if states['sensor.ics_2'].attributes.remaining == 1 %}
        {% else %}
        {% endif %}
      {% else %}
      {% endif %}