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@tben can you maybe share your full config via (for example) github. I’d like to know how your configuration.yaml is looking, and your ui-lovelace with the other pages that you created (beside home)


Hi Mart :wave:
Here are the 4 pages
I also edited my first post

4 pages
:house: 01_home.yaml
:partly_sunny: 02_temperature.yaml
:zap: 03_consommation.yaml
:grinning: 04_localisation.yaml


Merci! Beautiful design

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this is a beautiful template, i finally got myself to manage my dashboard just because of this template.

Awesome! :smiley:

But I have a problem with the bordures template, is this correct?

        - width: 0px


entity: sensor.dummy_sensor
  - bordures
type: custom:button-card
  action: toggle

For me it shows nothing more as soon as I use this template. everything else works great so far.

Hi D0doooh :wave:
A problem with the bordures template? The bordures template just allows me to leave space between the edge of the screen and the cards


If you don’t see it it’s normal!
If there is no space, there is a problem

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Great. Simple and beautiful.

After a few experiments and not so beautiful designs by myself this design is perfect for my needs.

Thanks for sharing. And answering questions.


playing some more, I added the chips in a swiper, a bit of a mixed set of feelings (sometimes the swiper behaves counter intuitive… and the hold_action isnt executed )on Desktop, I discovered today it IS executed on iPhone…) but it is kind of nice to be able to swipe a few main functions in the Home:

  - type: custom:swipe-card
#      simulateTouch: true
      spaceBetween: 8
#      effect: coverflow
      freeMode: true
#      grabCursor: true
#      centeredSlides: false
#      slidesPerView: 4
      - !include /config/lovelace/includes/include_chip_temperature.yaml
      - !include /config/lovelace/includes/include_chip_presence.yaml
      - !include /config/lovelace/includes/include_chip_energy.yaml
      - !include /config/lovelace/includes/include_chip_alarm_clock.yaml

with my shortcut menu bar, to compare size

swipe left

a simple conditional icon for alarm

btw where do you pick your colorful icons? I took several from the WhatsApp app, but am looking for more tbh, like solar grid in the energy consumption settings to name but one.

Really cool! Where do you find those nice colored icons?

as said above, the icons in the chips are picked from WhatsApp app and copied form the config by @tben himself.

the colored icons in my shortcut menu bar are regular mdi icons, colored in the button-templates of the custom button-cards. you can check them out here Shortcut menu bar · GitHub

Aren’t they just emoji? I use emoji instead of text myself in some cards. Looks like emoji, or are you talking about other icons I’m missing?

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Thanks a lot, didn’t know about this site. This was exactly what I was looking for!

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No problem! I use this site a lot for social media marketing. You can see how each emoji looks on different OS’s as well :grin:

yep, I guess, although, there’s no such thing a 1 emoji for let’s say House:


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And none for a washing machine :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

try Free Washing machine emoticons, Washing machine icon | Free-Emoticons.com

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Looks nice! How did you hide the Header?

Hi bleakvin :wave:
I added this in my theme

card-mod-root: |
  app-toolbar {
    display: none;

You will need this

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Then I have a problem integrating the Scenes buttons, I have imported the 01_home.yaml but they don’t want to work for me…

everything else works fine

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same for me

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Show me your file I could maybe help you

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