Lovelace UI not updating when Z-Wave Lock status changes

I have 3 Schlage Connects connected via Z-Wave to an Aeotek stick running HA in a VM on proxmox. 2 out of 3 of the locks are “stuck” on a specific status, one lock and one unlock. Changing the status of the locks either manually or through a manual sending of the opposite command does not update the UI to show the lock status is the opposite to send the correct command. My 3rd one operates correctly.

I’ve tried replacing batteries, healing the nodes, restarting HA and Proxmox, nothing has done anything. I’m attributing this to perhaps an HA or Z-Wave JS bug, but not sure what I should be looking for.

I am seeing the node commands going through successfully in Z-WaveJS, as with the following:

2022-08-14 23:30:08.937 INFO ZWAVE: Node 10: value updated: 98-0-targetMode 255 => 0

Anything you think I should check to give any updates, would be appreciated. Thanks.

Update: I reinterviewed the devices and that seemed somewhat address the UI updating, but now my entities are not reading in correctly and battery levels are gone. The UI updating now works about 60-80% of the time instead, which is an improvement.