Lovelace UI vs. YAML: can I use them both?

I was a bit tired to use YAML mode for my configurations. So I am using UI mode now, which is good.
But now I wanted to add a footer graph. But that isn’t possible in the UI. So what do I do?

  1. Do I go to YAML? Will my current setup go to YAML-files automatically? (Where is my UI Lovelace config stored btw?)
  2. Can I go hybrid? UI mode with also YAML-editing?

You can use the UI and still edit in YAML

3 dots at top corner > Edit Dashboard
and then
3 dots at top corner > Raw configuration editor

Oh yes, I know. But looking for the right place in thousands of lines is quite hard! :smiley:
So, quick rephrase, YAML in text editors on disk and UI mode isn’t an option?

But its so easy. If you want to add a footer graph to a card - go to that card, edit it and click ‘show code editor’ at the bottom and add it in.

Are you sure? I did this, but it doesn’t show and I get this error.

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-10 om 13.32.50

Its just saying you won’t be able to use the UI editor for that card as the YAML you’ve added isn’t supported by the UI.
The card will still work, you will just need to use YAML for that card now

Now I see that my card isn’t compatible with footers… :frowning:

But slightly on topic again: file-yaml-mode and UI won’t go together. Only web-yaml and UI?

You can use seperate dashboards. One for yaml mode, one for UI edit mode.

Could you tell me how? I have a huge house where every signle light, shutter etc are smart, also a lot of code for Dashboards. I would like to split the code to multiple files, but keep the ability to play with GUI editor.

Would this work:

  mode: storage
      mode: yaml
      filename: notexist.yaml
      title: Generated
      icon: mdi:tools
      show_in_sidebar: true
      require_admin: true
      mode: yaml
      title: hidden
      show_in_sidebar: false
      filename: hidden.yaml  
      mode: yaml
      title: YAML
      icon: mdi:script
      show_in_sidebar: true
      filename: dashboards.yaml
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Did that work? I have read it’s one mode or the other?
I would LOVE to have some dashboards in yaml mode (editable in VS Code, and with code splitting), and some dashboards in UI Mode!