Lovelace: Upcoming Media Card


hi all

sorry for being stupid here, but for some reason i cant get the card to show up or work.

my sonarr sensor working correctly, but the custom media sensor not showing.

my config in lovelace.yaml as follows
- url: /local/custom_ui/mini-media-player.js
type: module
- url: /local/custom_ui/button-card.js
type: module
- url: /local/custom-lovelace/upcoming-media-card/upcoming-media-card.js?v=0.3.3
type: js

it is almost like HA is not picking up the card. i have double checked the path and all looks fine.


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Follow steps here and report back: Troubleshooting


Hi! i have done everything like descripded and i only get this;

Please define service type

  "type": "custom:upcoming-media-card",
  "entity": "sensor.sonarr_upcoming",
  "date": "ddmm",
  "image_style": "poster"

What am i doing wrong?
here is my code in lovelace.yaml

    icon: mdi:plex
    background: center / cover no-repeat url("/local/background-15.gif") fixed
    name: Sonarr
      - type: custom:upcoming-media-card
        entity: sensor.sonarr_upcoming
        date: ddmm
        image_style: poster


That isn’t the sensor for this card, that is the default HA sensor. Please checkout the trouble shooting guide one post above yours.


Sorry about that! Got it to work.
Looks awesome :slight_smile: