Lovelace vertical stack title

I see that the vertical stack card does not support a title. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

Put the vertical stack in some other card that does have a title?

You could use a markdown card to create a tittle bar.

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While that did work I wasn’t happy with it. This custom card is a much better solution:

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Exactly what I was looking for, this should be something you can do in HA natively. It makes the UI look much neater than having a markdown card detached from the entities you’re trying to associate it to.

Yes, agreed - this is perfect - thanks!

Hi! I’m trying to use this card, but I get
“Custom element doesn’t exist: vertical-stack-in-card.”
in the frontend?
Any ideas?

Did you actually install the custom card, as explained on the Github page linked above?

Yes, of course.
It was a Chrome cache thing.
Thanks Anyway

Hi! It would be cool if some kind of margins could be defined between the cards!

Agree with this. Slight margins would make it look much better. At present I’m storing horizontal stack cards in it, and it looks a little messy without margins. Love the card otherwise.

Does it happens to you also that entities cards inside this " custom-cards/vertical-stack-in-card" takes some time to load? like 10 seconds and then they appear?