Lovelace View Icon Size

Is there any way to change the size of the lovelace view icons (the ones along the top)?

Card-mod most likely can do it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think card mod will work. Per the docs

The bottommost element that can be styled is the <ha-card>

I searched high and low before I asked and didn’t come up with anything. I might be asking for the impossible (so far) here.

I’m finally putting my dashboard on a wall mount tablet but those icons turned out to be pretty small. You really have to be accurate to hit the right one. I’d like to increase their size a bit - but just on the tablet dashboard. Ditto with the side menu, the icons and text are too small.

Thanks for the suggestion tho!

You need to check out card mod theme variables:

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Well hot diggity damn. You’re right, I do need to check that out. I don’t think any of that was there last time I had a good looksee at the card mod docs.


Card mod 2.0 introduced theme variables but was only documented with two (full theme) examples. 3.0 seems to have brought some documentation too.

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