Lovelace view zoom/resize - help

Hi all,

Is there any option to resize, zoom out, a lovelace picture element view or automatically scale it for screen resolution where it is displayed?

As you can see in picture below, only half the house is displayed.
This is from the web browser perspective.(1920x1080 laptop screen)
From phone or tablet, it gets even worst. All icons above each other.

If you hide or unhide the side bar, the lovelace view gets resized, so we should be able to configure a zoom out or zoom in…(same size of elements are displayed after unhide side bar)


Use search here for “picture-elements”, “scale”, “resize” - you are not alone.
In short:

  • you need to specify positions (“top”, “left”) & sizes (“scale”) differently for different viewports;
  • there are several issues in GitHub regarding this problem - find them, comment & start monitoring.