Lovelace, WallPanel and Panel Mode with Floorplans

Hi, I recently bought a cheap android tablet for the WallPanel App, with a resolotion of 1280x800.

On this screenshot, you´can see a foorplan without “Panel Mode” activated. A little bit small IMHO:

On this screenshot, I have activated the “Panel Mode”. Now it doesn´t fit the screen and I have to scroll to the bottom.

Is there something I can do about it? Is the source Image not sufficent? Or the Tablet´s resolution too low?

Thanks for help,

In panel mode the image will expand to fit the width of the display. Because your image aspect ratio does not match the display aspect ratio some of it will be below the screen. Try increasing the width of your image by adding a bit of blank space to each side (“expand canvas size” horizontally in an image editor) until it fits vertically in the panel display.

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