Lovelace Weather Forecast card - How to show days instead of hours

I’m seeking to replace my “custom:dark-sky-weather-card” with the official Lovelace Weather Forecast card (

However, it shows only the forecast of the next hours not the days and there seems to be no config to switch between this. The dark sky integration has all the values.

My custom card:

Lovelace card:

The docs have only one setting regarding forecast:

show_forecastboolean(optional, default: true)

Show next hours/days forecast.

How can I change the Lovelace card to show days?

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Actually, I have a similar question. How can I have the hourly start at the current hour. For example. It’s 11:43am here and this is my card


And here is the sensor. I can see how the first temp is from 7am, but it continues, and the details are there, that you’d want. Who wants to know what the temp was 5 hours ago. haha

It looks like this is determined by the Darksky weather integration and not the card config.

In the weather.darksky integration there is a mode option which lets you choose between daily and hourly.

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You’re right. Setting it to daily works.


Not sure why it starts with Sunday instead of Saturday in the forecast section.
my main use case is to see in one glance how the weather is supposed to be today and the next days.
Just showing the current temperature is really no help there…
Guess I’ll stick to the custom component.