Lovelace web dashboard became unavailable after HA core upgrade to 2022.12.08?

After attempting to fix some MQTT errors and performing an HA core upgrade to 2022.12.08 my Lovelace web dashboard became unavailable!

The error message is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED while attempting to connect to http://homeassistant.local:8123/ (where homeassistant.local is my local IP address) but my Raspberry PI 4 still runs fine because :

As I’m not able to connect to to the web interface I’m uncertain that it performed a backup and/or the upgrade.
Any help is welcome as I’m not able to connect via the SSH : Permission denied (publickey,password) and used to do everything through the web interface…

It sounds like you messed up the configuration and it’s causing HA not to start correctly. The error will be in the homeassistant.log file in your config directory.

you have two options (well three but one option seems to be immediately off the table)…

first you need to get access to the configuration files so you can edit them directly. But it sounds like you never set up any SSH or samba to get access to those files. If so then that is out.

second you should restore a known good backup to before the error occurred. You do have a good backup available, right?

if none of that works you may just need to re-install.

Maybe someone else can give a better solution but that’s all I’ve got.

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I have backups. Just connected a screen to the HDMI port of my Raspberry PI and discovered when typing the command
ha > core check

Processing … Done

Error : Testing configuration at /config
Fatal error while loading config: ‘list’ objecct has no attribute ‘get’
Failed config
General Errors:

  • ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘get’

Successful config (partial)

Any thoughts how to restore from the CLI ?

Unless you have a way to access and edit the configuration files stored as yaml files in your config directory then there is no way I know of to salvage the current config.

Barring that I think your best option is to restore from a known good backup.