Lovelace what am doing wrong

I have this

              - type: sensor
                entity: sensor.office_temperature
                name: Office Temperature
                graph: line
                height: 100
                line_color: "#3498db"

it show this

where do I find the line

Have you clicked on the entity?

If you want to show the line you on the card itself you will need to use the custom Mini graph card

@jimpower the sensor card is the mini graph card in v0.80.0+.


My guess is that it’s not interpreting that as a number. What does the history graph look like on the history page. Is it a line graph or is it a single bar?

EDIT: You can just click on it like @nickrout said, and it should show a bar graph or a line chart/graph. If it’s a bar, the sensor is configured incorrectly (in configuration.yaml, not the lovelace.yaml). You may need to add a device_class to it so it forces the result to have the correct units and treat it as a numerical value.