Lovelace Wind Rose Card to show wind history?

I am looking for a wind-rose display (lovelace card) to show the history of my wind sensor (that provides wind speed (in km/h) and wind direction (in degrees). Should look someting like this:

Anyone seen this before?Tips to create such a lovelace card?


Would be great for sure. One of the things that I’m also looking for, if I’ll find something I’ll post it here.

At the moment I’m thinking to start with Grafana also to get something like this.

There’s a plug-in for Grafana if you use that.

Forget that. It has many issues and is not actively being supported.

Thanks anyway @tom_l! Was indeed trying this thing out last night, without succes.

I’m looking for something like this… Only found this old post.

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I’m an RC glider pilot and looking for a Windrose plotter for HA.

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I saw this post in Grafana:

I’ll just add that I find this kind of graph very representative of wind speed day by day (even hour by hour) over a year:

…But I’ve no clue where to begin to get this done. Maybe an Utility meter with the average wind speed hourly ?

I’m working on a windrose card. Using the picture in the opening post as an example.

I’ll open a new forum topic, when I ‘m ready to share something.

The card uses the state history of 3 entities. One for direction, average speed and gust speeds.

I like to know how your wind data is available. In entity state or attributes? What units are used?



Separate sensor states, not attributes. Knots and degrees. Actually a string indicating the cardinal direction (e.g. N, S, E, W, ESE, NW etc…) but I can convert that to degrees with a template sensor if required.

The sensors all come from the same integration so they should update at the same time. Though the direction may not change as often as the speeds.

I can also use km/h, and am actually thinking of changing over to that unit for the speeds. m/s is also available but less useful to me.

My entities return degrees en m/s, but I can make it working with direction letters.
Currently I’m using the Beaufort speed ranges for the different colors, showing only Bft speeds in de graph.
I think the first version will use Bft and from there add more options.

First beta version of the windrose card is ready.

More info: