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Lovelace Z-wave Lock card


Hi Folks,
It seems many have taken on the task of trying to create a package to manage z-wave (and possibly other locks) but not in the UI. The dev team mentioned its somewhere on the list, but thought i’d see if anyone has a solution or if its moved up the list.

The lock situation in the UI is pretty simplistic. Lock or Unlock. To add, remove, customize new codes its a difficult task for anyone who isn’t a developer. The Wink UI is pretty nice for locks, and allows simple user code setting, if that code is a one-time code, or a schedule based code.

Would it be possible for someone smarter than me to be able to create a lock-card?

I envisage something like this:

- type: custom:lock-card
  lock_type: SchlageBE469
  lock_entiy: lock.lock
  zwave_entity_id: zwave.lock

as I imagine there are a few differences between locks.
For scheduled codes time and date sensors could be used ?
For one time codes to be used, it may be a little more complex - but the door usually reports which keycode slot was used, so could remove the code once that user slot was used once?

As I said, I wish I had that level of coding ability - but think it could be useful for others.



Agreed. Would be great if there was a Lock card. I am able to lock/unlock my Kwikset lock, but if there was a nice card that gave me access to the code slots, that would be handy.

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voting at the top :wink: