LovelaceUI - Persistent Notifications

The only thing holding me back from a complete transition to lovelace is persistent notifications.

Any assistance with creating a custom card or if persistent notifications are planned for lovelace? I have several automations that create notifications when things go wrong with my setup and need to find a way… otherwise its back to the old ui.

Thanks for your help!

+1 on this request. This is a useful construct for events that can’t only rely on other notification means (say email or SMS), specially in a multi-user environment where other notifications may go to a single admin account.

Noticed that there is already a “Markdown” card which can format and display the notification content. It would be nice to be able to optionally add a button to it that could trigger a configurable action including removing the card from the current view. Or perhaps create an add-hoc means to handle notifications like in the old UI.

I’ve only just started using Lovelace, but a user named @ludeeus gave me this advice on the chats:
“That “card” is a persistent_notification, that has not yet been implemented, but you can set persistent_notification* as an ìnclude: filter in the ~monster-card”

I haven’t tested it yet, but seems like a usable solution.


thank for the tip, its working but its not good as it should be

+1 from me too.

+1 from me too…too