Lovelance edit sidebar

I found this image on google when looking for examples to make a better layout.
Here Someone has changed the sidebar menu,

does anyone know how to do this?
Also there is padding/margin difference everywhere. I have no idea how to make it so ‘customizable’

Isn’t this just a matter of creating a new View and set the View Type to ‘Side Bar’ ?

Don’t know,
But this is persistence i think, a sidebar is only for 1 card right?

This mine, made with the sidebar-card

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This cannot be done with the “normal sidecard” right?
There is a “Sidebar” option for the tabs but i have no idea whatfor

You need to install the sidebar-card posted above via hacs

I have, it works :slight_smile:

How did you color the sidebar? you have some kind of gradient in it. Is it a theme of a style setting?