Loveless Camera Behavior

Is it possible to get the picture-entity to behave like camera in configuration.yaml?

In Legacy frontend, my Synology NAS controlled cameras will update every 10s, but when I click an image it will open a new window and update every second

It’s the same behavior with the picture-entity card:

  - type: picture-entity
    entity: camera.outdoorcam
    camera_image: camera.outdoorcam
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I have to check my config when I get home. I might have some added stuff that is changing the behavior.

This type of card will act just like the old one, including the click-it-for-live-update-in-bigger-window.

  - id: 406_east_display
    type: picture-entity
    title: East
    entity: camera.406_east
    camera_image: camera.406_east
    show_state: false
    tap_action: more-info

Note the tap_action: more-info line. That will give you the clickability.

Not to be a SmartA##, but mine seems to be working fine without the tap_action line.

That’s because the default for tap-action is more-info. It can be omitted.

Changed my code as suggested and now it works like it’s supposed to. Thanks!!

Is there a way to control the size of the window that opens when you click the image? I would like the image to be bigger than it currently is.

Sorry for the delay, I do no t know of a way to increase the size of the image.

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