Loving Home Assistant

Can I just say that I wish I had gotten into HA a lot sooner? It’s really cool what all you can do with it! I’ve had hours vaporized learning it, but I’ve enjoyed it (my wife on the other hand might be a different story).

I wish I could get my Samsung TV’s to connect properly to allow me to turn them off if one is accidentally left on. I’m into HA so much that I probably will replace my TV’s with HA-compatible ones when the time is near for me to upgrade. (Speaking of which, any recommendations? How are the LG TV’s with HA?)

Definitely want my next washer/dryer to be integrated into HA so I can send notifications when the cycles are done.

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A smart plug attached to the washer/dryer may be enough. Works fine for me as I only need to know when the cycles are done and nothing else.

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I can really recommend a LG WebOS TV.
It can be implemented as a standard media player in HA, but there are also integrations to Lovelace, that make an entire remote available with all buttons and functions.

Besides that the LG WebOS has the best app store I have found so far, with lots of different apps and a lot of regular updates to these also.

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Just curious, what issues are you facing with your Samsung TV? I was having problems with the Samsung TV integration, but the SmartThings integration works fine for on/off, and that sounds like all you need for that one case you mentioned. I do wish the Samsung TV integration just worked correctly though…

I don’t think my model offers SmartThings. Would be interested in how you set yours up.

I have 4 SamsungTv’s and they all work fine in HA. Have you tried the SamsungTV or DLNA integrations?

@ericnix - It just made me sign into the TV with a Samsung account when I set it up. Using the same Samsung account to sign into SmartThings automatically adds the TV there and it is then accessible through the SmartThings integration.

@nealthomas21 - Really? My Samsung TV is probably my worst smart device. The integration needed near-daily reconfiguration and the TV itself turns itself on and then off in a seemingly hidden state at regular intervals, every 5-10 minutes, I assume just to check for updates, but this would throw a lot of false positives. Between those two things, it was just extremely unreliable to try to do anything with it. And I don’t think I ever got anything other than power on/off working with it.

I don’t have a Samsung sign in. Maybe my TV’s are too old? I can’t remember if they’re 2015 or 2016 models.

Hm, maybe. Mine are from this year, so very well could be that.

DLNA integration only allows you to increase or decrease the volume. Nothing else.

Check HACS - they have some nice samsung integrations that even work for older TVs

Do you have any recommended integrations? I’ve tried one from HACS awhile ago that was called “Better Samsung TV” or something. Otherwise, I’ve only tried the Smamsung TV and SmartThings integrations (@nealthomas21, this answers your question, too, that I realized I never really answered :sweat_smile:). The most I got from any of them was power control, if that.

SamsungTV encrypted
SamsungTV smart
SamsungTV tizen

Those work depending on your model. Might work multiple times. I would add them all and see if any integration finds them :wink:

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