Lovlace has become completely unresponsive in Firefox on multiple machines and OSs

If I had to pinpoint when, I’d say it was around 2021.1.0…

I have experienced this on a Windows 10 Pro machine as well as two Mac OS laptops running Catalina… both on the latest patches/updates for the OS and Firefox itself.

I have used Firefox as my primary browser for years, and never had an issue with the Home Assistant UI in it… however all of a sudden, it is completely unusable. If I refresh my dashboard, it will allow me to interact with it for a minute, but then if I come back to it, no states have updated and the UI is completely locked up.

I will click to go to a new tab/dashboard, or on something in the sidebar, and it will just do nothing.

Eventually, the browser tab will crash, and the only thing that fixes it is to close it.

Meanwhile, if I run it in Chrome or Safari, everything is perfectly smooth and performant.

I know it could be any custom component as well… but I am not seeing any sort of errors in the console or anything that makes sense to me, and why Chrome would handle it so much better.

If this were not happening on 3 different machines, I’d obviously believe it was an issue on my end.

I have cleared cache and even completely destroyed my Firefox profile and rebuilt…

Anybody out there experience something similar over the past month?

Edited to add specs of the machines I’m using:

- Windows 10 Pro Desktop
Intel Core i7-8700K
NVMe OS Disk

- MacBook Pro 16"
2.4GHz 8-core Intel i9
NVMe OS Disk

- 2020 MacBook Pro 13"
2.0GHz 4-core Intel i5
NVMe OS Disk
*64GB *

This is just to point out that it’s not lack of specs on any of the machines… there’s no hardware reason it shouldn’t be flying.

i see occasional tab crashes in firefox as well, lets say one or a few during a day. I have however also seen a tab crash in the chromium browser (firefox 86,chromium 88, fedora 33 (linux), i would however say that i have seen this a bit longer than that (but have ot had the time to pursue it until recently. I started another thread theogher day about HA/firefox losing connection as well…