Low Backup Performance/High Backup Times?

I recently wondered about some Recorder/History outages in my Home Assistant Yellow installation, i.e. periods, where the Recorder/History integration was not able to write history data into the database. Not sure, whether ALL history data was impacted, but at least a significant amount of entities were affected. After some troubleshooting I found, that these issues may correlate to times, where I have scheduled my regular full backups. While troubleshooting the backups I found, that backups meanwhile take a significant amount of time. To provide some numbers: A 3 GB backup (tar size of full bundle) meanwhile was taking about 80 min and more. After having done a repack of the SQLite DB via the recorder service and reducing the “purge_keep_days” from 90 to 60 days I could reduce the backup tar size from 3100 MB down to 2400 MB, but still the backup is quite slow with about 400 MB being backed up in 10 minutes, which corresponds to a backup rate of less than 1 MB/s.


  • Is a backup performance of 1 MB/s considered normal for the underlying SQLite DB in Home Assistant?
  • What can be recommended to increase the backup speed/times apart from the obvious things of reducing the DB size like filtering recorder entities or setting “purge_keep_days” back to the standard 10 days?
  • Is the backup speed also dependent on the database choice? Would MariaDB e.g. promise better/faster backups?