Low Battery Notification Tip

Do future-self a favor and include what size battery is needed in your low battery notification. I know I won’t remember any of them when the time comes.

This is what I put in the Automation action of my Aqara door/window sensor.

service: notify.gmailer
  message: >-
    The front door sensor has a low CR1632 battery at {{ now().strftime("%a
    %-m/%-d/%Y %-I:%M:%S %p") }}
  title: 'Front door sensor low battery alert'

Would be nice if this was dynamic

You could do that, use customizing to add an attribute for the battery size, and then use that in the template.

I’m less than a month into this HA world. Are you saying that I can just make up what that document lists as configuration variables? I’ve already put custom icons for my scrape sensors using that document. I haven’t gotten into templates yet.