Low cost enviro+ particulate sensor integrated via MQTT

I’ve just published a repo showing how I am measuring particulates and general air quality using a low cost device from Pimoroni. It is integrated via MQTT so can be used with home assistant or other IOT platforms/projects. I am using the device to study whether there is elevated pollution in my home during rush hour traffic, which backs up outside.


If you only/mostly interested in the particulates information and you still have to buy a PMS sensor, it probably would be much easier (and cheaper) to just use a NodeMCU and ESPHome which does have support for that sensor out of the box (may need some adjustment to prevent the sensor from running constantly).

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Added more data points

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Would love to hear more about how this project went for you, and if you had any issues with the Enviro+ temperature, humidity, or other sensors having any issues due to the board being mounted directly to the raspberry pi.

The noise of the fan started to annoy me so this project has been in a box for a while. I think mounting in an interesting an unobtrusive location would improve the value of this project, e.g. by a roadside