Low cost weather station compatible with Home Assistant

Hi, I’m looking to add a low cost weather station (just temperature and humidity is enough) for the cottage that would be connected to my Home Assistant at the cottage.

I have an Accurite at home connected to Home Assistant through WeeWX but $250 CND isn’t what I want to pay for the cottage, max is $100 CND.

Anybody know if such a beast exists?


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Digoo DG-R8H, less then $8 on ali or banggood.

What constraints are there, and how DIY-competent are you? Can we assume power wiring is possible to the location? How often are updates needed? What networks exist at the cottage?

If there’s power, an ESP8266 with a DHT11 or DHT22 under a shield (like a Stevenson screen); if there isn’t, something like a Shelly H&T also under a shield. The H&T will give you a year of battery life and not need a hub provided there’s wifi at the location. Downside is trade-off of update frequency and battery life.

This needs a 433 MHz receiver/transmitter which I do not have on the raspberry at the cottage. They are cheap though, so could be an interesting option.

@Troon, didn’t think of the DHT22. I do have one in the upstair bathroom in our house to turn on the exhaust fan if it’s too humid. I do have a 3D printer so I could print my own stevenson screen if I can get the right filament.

Thanks for the quick responses. It gives me direction to look into :slight_smile:

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That’s what I did!


Ecowitt GW1000 is a nice low cost receiver for a line of different environmental sensors and they are easy to integrate. This can support the temp/humidity now and expand it to a full PWS if you choose to in the future.

You could possibly convert a Sonoff RF-Bridge with Tasmota, and it may work. I have many 433Mhz sensors in my house, that work great with such device. But none of them are reporting value, only on/off (motion, door, etc). Do some research before proceeding.

Feel free to contact me in private, we could possibly exchange in french, unless I’m wrong, and find a solution.

ESP8266 with ESPeasy firmware coupled with DHT22 could also be a cheap and easy solution for you.

So I went with the easy solution. I installed a Ecowitt GW1000 that through HACS, I integrated into my cottage HA. Went with this because in the long run, I might add other sensors to it like rain and wind. Time will tell.

Thank you all for your input!

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Maybe too late for the battle but at least it can serve others:

  • Xiaomi BLE sensors
  • Cleargrass BLE sensors
  • Inkbird BLE sensors

They are listed here. You can retrieve the data with an ESP32.
Alternatively you could retrieve the data with the Pi directly but I’m not sure if all the sensors listed are supported.


  • DIGOO DG-R8H as proposed by @francisp
  • weather stations supported by RTL 433
  • weather stations supported by Pilight