Low output smart bulb

Hi All!

I have been looking for a comparison of smart bulbs with focus on different aspect on light quality rather than what wireless technology is used, but have not found any. I want a GU10 spotlight that can be dimmed a lot. The IKEA bulbs I have are great except they can not be dimmed enough. I almost only use them at 1% or 100%. 1% is rather bright in the IKEA case.

I use zigbee, zwave, wifi, 433mhz, bluetooth, IR, etc. how it speaks to home assistnat is not importat, I am looking for a bulb that can provide a good range of dimming and preferably some control of the color temperature.

Anyone have any tips for something that provides a nice light. The only tip I have gotten so far is that Philips Hue is rather good. Better than IKEA at least. Any tips for GU10 bulbs or reviews/tests that compare light quality would be appreciated.

This was exactly one of my criteria, when i did choose my lightning system.

Have a look on MiBoxer - LED Bulb Light

I have several of them, FUT103 and FUT106 and I’m very happy with them. Not only dimming very wel, but a lot of light, when needed, high reliability (in 6 years no a single one died) and they work fine with HA.

Thank you for the tip. Is it zigbee or a propaitary protocol?
I can not find anyone local selling them. You bought them on Aliexpress?

They use own controllers, own protocol. A hub for them is very cheap too. The hubs are supported by HA with the LimitlessLED integration. Works flawlessly.

I bought them in the Netherlands from https://www.milightwinkel.nl and https://www.milight-nederland.nl

You can find them under the old name Mi-Light or the new name Miboxer.

Recently they are adding ZigBee functionality to the new products.