Low voltage or AC power?

Hello. I’m new.

I’m building a house soon. I’ve read a few discussions about having low voltage wiring placed in the walls during construction.

My question is this: What about voltage drop across low voltage wiring? Would it be better to use AC power and convert to DC at the point of use in order to avoid the voltage drop across long lengths of wiring?

In particular I read where a home had 120VAC outlets outside in the eaves of a home. At the time I made a note to ensure adequate 120 VAC outside the home for outside lighting. And then the question popped in my head, if I route low voltage wiring instead, I’m going to have a huge voltage drop across the relatively long length of low-voltage wiring.

Anyway, looking for what I’m missing.

Thank you.

I do have a 24V DC network in my home, no issues with that, powering LED panels directly, and some stepdown power supply 5V DC.

A 5V network for all USB stuff would be nice, but there the voltage drop would be a issue…