Lower the number of cc1plus compilation threads

Hi all

I often crash my raspberry pi when compiling esphome sensors and stuff, and noticied that it might be caused by the number of compilation threads which is 4 by default.

Is there any configuration item in the esphome addon to set the number of threads to a lower value ?

Many thanks

Doesn’t help at all, can you point me to the the right change I need to make please?

This is uncalled for. @nickrout has provided you the first step towards a likely answer. The PlatformIO options allow you to control the compilation. Look at the link inside that section.

this is pretty useless, there are no option to decrease concurrency …

Really? Don’t think you are right, but what have you tried?

From memory, I checked and found that the number of threads is forced/equal to number of CPU Cores, that could be improved with some prarameter to specify the number of compliation threads (-j parameter)

I just don’t understand where to adjust it… I cannot find the platformio.ini file.

Looks like the problem was in not enough ram, so I increased my swap file and now it’s fine.
Thanks !