Loxone <--> HASS via pyLoxone Analog values

Hi, I’ve a Loxone home automation system installed. For my Velux roof windows and their blind’s I’m using HASS with the Velux active gateway. The system is working really fine. In HASS I use the automation function to operate the windows. If I press in the Loxone App the Button, then I get the value over pyLoxone to HASS. In the automation functions I build for each window a block. If the request from Lox is open then the automation send the value to the Velux gateway, the same in the other way. In this way the window and the blind can only get fully open or fully closed.

I’m a beginner with HASS and the programming features.

Is there any way to read out the position value from the Lox window or blind device and write it to the Velux window position? The Lox devices send the position to pyLoxone as a float value and for Velux I’d need an integer. With this function is it hopefully possible to control the Velux devices an if I press stop in the Lox app, the devices would stop at the position of the Lox App value.

If you need any screenshot please tell me an I will upload as fast as possible.

Thank you