LSC Cameras + Generic Chinese cameras

Dear all, hello! :slight_smile:
Fisrt of all im fairly new on automation and cameras, but i wanna learn and get some help if possible.
I have a total of 4 LSC cameras (2 exterior, 2 interior), all connected to same wifi, and all working just fine on LSC app.
I also have other 2 generic cameras (the cheap ones from chinese :slight_smile: ) that work ok also on their dedicated app.
Everything on 2.4ghz wifi.

My question and my struggle is the following.
Although everything works fine, i can not have the apps open all time and/or be checking them everyday, so i wanna know (besides the obvious use of a SD card, that im trying to avoid since the cameras are located far up and about 200mts from main house) if there is a way of accessing, view and record from the cameras directly to the computer. (external SSD)
Or at least record to SD in cameras, but visualize from my desktop, or all cameras in one single app.

I read something about rtsp streams, but on wireshark i was not able to locate any while viewing the stream for the cameras.
Also my IPs on router control page, dont seem to help much after listening to the IPs, the open doors dont lead me anywhere.

Like i stated im very (VERY! :smiley: ) new in this, and i need some help and pointers, i wanna also leanr more about this topics but i dont know how and where to start.

Can any angel help me out on my home surveillance and give me a few tips?
Thanks a lot