LTE doesn't give public IP / can't access HA from outside


I am using HA on my raspberry PI connected to a home internal network and connected to the internet.

Unfortunately, I am using LTE/3G as the internet provider and in this particular case, I am unable to access HA from outside because the IP isn’t public.

…But, I have a second Linux box publically available at OVH hosting center. I am thinking about making some kind of VPN /or tunnel between both machines, to be able to proxy the traffic to the internal network and then to be able to access HA from outside.

And here comes the question. Would you be able to recommend the simplest way to connect both servers to allow the traffic via the public server to internal server? Did you try it and how does it work?


Easiest would be to just use ssh’s Remote port forwarding. If either machines is rebooted or network connectivity is lost you’d have to restart the ssh client.

There’s plenty of tutorials online and here’s one:

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wow - this is super easy and it works really well. Thanks “kirichkov”

See also: for info on keeping the tunnel up reliably with autossh.