Lumiere Bluetooth support

I’ve got one of the pendant lights from Lumiere Design (being sold in Germany at least), and they could be controlled via Bluetooth. It comes with a remote control (actually they sent me 2 different ones for some reason).

I’ve tried LED BLE integration, but it doesn’t discover it. Has anyone had any success in integrating it? Thanks

This integration works with devices that identify with the following names

What does your device identify as? (Damn that sounds woke)

Can you recommend a way I could do it? Thanks

People answer with another question so that they can help you. If your don’t supply what you have been asked, how can we progress?

The reason I am asking, because I am not able to find out how it’s identifying. I’ve tried Bluetooth Scanner Apps, but they can’t discover it. It seems like LED doesn’t have discovery enabled.

But I have a remote, which can be paired within the first 5 seconds when the lamp is enabled, so it seems to be pre-programmed for this specific lamp.