Lunatone DALI-2 IoT Gateway

Am I correct that currently there is no integration for DALI-2 IoT Gateway from Lunatone? I have seen people mentioning using modbus to talk to dali4net, or talking to Lunatone/DALI over KNX, but no direct support for IoT Gateway seems to be available?
Is there particular reason for that, due to some incompatibility, licensing issue, etc, or it is just an accident nobody tried to do it yet? From what I can see, API seems to be very reasonable, so it shouldn’t be that much work. I’m considering trying to do it myself, but given the cost of the device, I would like to know if there are any obvious showstoppers before I invest into that.

My guess is because the modbus one works good enough that nobody wanted to do it differently. Basing on the standard protocol would eliminate the possibility that the company pulls the API away.

Or because you and no one else has written something different.

Might want to ask the person that wrote the modbus one to see if there are pitfalls.

I would guess that it is just not a very common device - it’s relatively new (released ~2022 afaik) and quite expensive (~480€).
So there is a chance no one has had the specific need to write an integration for it.

KNX and Modbus are protocol implementations, these can be used with a variety of manufactures and devices.
The API used by the Lunatone device seems to be proprietary - so it is only used in that device and doesn’t seem to be part of the DALI standard or used by different manufacturers.

Nevertheless, a websocket API for DALI lighting would make for a nice HA integration! Interfacing directly with DALI would probably be welcomed by some users.