Lupusec integration shows Switches on XT2-plus but always "ON" and no turn off/on

I have installed the Lupusec integration via the configuration file succesfully.
All works well, except for all the Switches. All Zigbee switches from the XT2-plus do appear in HA, but:

  • Switch status is alway “ON” in HA (for all switches, remark-1).
  • Switch cannot be changed in HA (for all switches, remark-1).
    remark-1 = I use an original Lupus switch (ZigBee Funksteckdose L part# 12133), OSRAM smart plug, Lid/Silvercrest double smartplug outdoor.
    Things (also switches) do work with correctly on my HA with the other XT2-plus interface: the Lupusec2MQTT Add-on in combi with Add-on Mosigquitto-broker and
    the MQTT integration.

Lupus XT2-plus (2G sim/mobile version, firmware: HPGW-G 0.0.3G) and Home Assistant on a Minisforum GK50 (X86-64) with HAOS (Core 2023.12.3, Supervisor 2023.11.6, Operating system 11.2, Frontend 20231208.2). So all the latest firmware on 18-dec.-2023.
I use my Lupus Electronics admin user/pasword on HA for the Lupusec integration. The Lupusec integration with the Alarm part in HA (Arm home, Arm aways and disarm) works fine and I can change on HA the panel status (Arm ect.) and this is passed to the XT2-plus fine too.

I am adviced to report the “switch issue” as bug on Github.
Before doing so: Does anybody else have the same issue with Lupusec and switches ?
I think I installed/configured all well for the Lupusec integration on HA, but I want to exclude possible error/wrong-doing of me.
Thans for responding!

Same problem here with Osram powerswitch (but same problem with native integration AND Lupus2MQTT)…

Integration lupusec XT2-plus
Only Area-1 Arm/Disarm/Home-1 works.
Area-1 Home-2-/Home-3 does not work/appear and from Area-2 nothing works/appears.
The Open/Close sensors (door/window) work fine only the “on/off” should be “open/close”. Same for smoke sensor “Off” should be “clear” and “On” should be “fire”.
Main issue/bug is now: switches are always “ON” in HA (cannot be changed).
I am still investigating to pin point more the cause of switches “always ON” in the lupupy/lupusec. There are also different Alarm panels of Lupus also of the XT2-plus model. Keep you informed. See also pictures below

With my XT2-plus the HA Addon Lupusec2MQTT Edge (version 3.1.3) works GOOD via the Addon Mosquitto Broker and the HA Integration MQTT. See also screen for al components/devices that work for me. I can from HA Arm/Disarm the Alarm for Area 1 and 2. Only thing here is that it only work with Home-2 (not home-1 or home 3).
I also can set/toggle successfully from/via HA, Switches coupled in XT2-plus to ON/OFF.

The only thing is that it seems that Lupusec2MQTT logs out itself after some time, although the XT2-plus setting is on "keep logged on"l (still have to check all settings and used accounts in XT2-plus).
If I restart the HA Addon Lupusec2MQTT Edge it works again for some time.

3 pictures/print-screens:

Did you already opened the bug report on Github?

Lupusec Integration on XT2-plus
No, not yet made issue/bug on Git Hub . I am studying the python code (where comment is written: "switches are not implemented in XT2). The code only refers to XT1 or “XT2 and higher models”.
Feel free to make the “switch issue/bug” report on GitHub.

MQTT (version 3.1.3 and 3.1.4) on XT2-plus
My OSRAM plugs do show up using “lupusec2MQTT edge” and I can toggle them (On/Off).
The Home-1/2/3 are implemented on MQTT (I used a wrong card in HA before), see screen-print. They are differently implemented on HA MQTT then on Lupus XT2-plus.
XT2-plus arm/disarm/home-1/home-2/home-3: Codes and names

Lupus XXT2-plus.....code...Lupusec2MQTT / code
(full)Disarmed......= 0....DISARM.........= 0 
(Full)Arm...........= 1....ARM_AWAY.......= 1
Home(Arm partly*)-1.= 2....ARM_NIGHT......= 2
Home(Arm partly*)-2.= 3....ARM_HOME.......= 3
Home(Arm partly*)-3 = 4....ARM_VACATION...= 4

*= depends on what is specified per device/component.


I also use Lupus2MQTT. However, the Osram switches no longer work from HA core >= 2024.1…

Hopefully my below text can help you further with resolving your OSRAM-plug issue in HA with “lupusec2MQTT Edge”.

My “OSRAM Power switch”(es) are actually Zigbee “Ledvance” ones (took over OSRAM), which are recognized as OSRAM with still “old” 2014 OSRAM firmware on it. See below detail info and also foto’s.

My LEDVANCE Zigbee smart plug worked fine under HA Zigbee2MQTT and still work fine NOW under:

  • ZHA with HA: Core 2024.1.3, Supervisor 2023.12.0, Operating system 11.4, Frontend 20240104.0 .
  • Lupus XT2-plus with Hub firmware HPGW-G 0.0.3G & Sensor firmware HPGW-L2XA35H .
  • Addon “Lupusec2MQTT Edge” version 3.1.4 (build AMD64, the X86-64 platform),
    Addon Mosquitto broker version 6.4.0 and HA versions already mentioned at ZHA.
    The lastest MQTT Integration in the mentioned HA core.
    I use DuckDNS and NGINX (ssl proxy) which are used by the Mosquitto broker Addon.

What I would do:

  • Check what firmware version your OSRAM plug has.
  • Check if the log of Addon “lupusec2MQTT Edge” configures the OSRAM-Plug (do restart if log is empty). With my log:
    [11:29:41 INF] Command homeassistant/switch/lupusec/ZS_51a303/set registered for device ZS:51a303 - Os Plug Schuur camera
    [11:29:41 INF] Device configured: ZS:51a303 - Os Plug Schuur camera
  • Check if the MQTT Integration has an entity for the OSRAM-Plug.
  • Check the entity used. I have entity “switch.os_plug_schuur_camera_1” for lupupy/lupusec Integration and entity
    “switch.os_plug_schuur_camera_2” for the “lupusec2MQTT edge”. Both entities are for the same Plug which is coupled to the Lupus XT2-plus.

My Ledvance (OSRAM) plugs on my Lupus XT2-plus:
OSRAM - Power switch, firmware version: V1.05.09

My Ledvance (OSRAM) plug on my ZHA on HA Minisforum GK50 as:
manufacturer": “OSRAM”,
“model”: “Plug 01”,
“name”: “OSRAM Plug 01”,
“quirk_applied”: true,
“quirk_class”: “zhaquirks.osram.osramplug.OsramPlug”,
“quirk_id”: null,
“manufacturer_code”: 48042,

My Ledvance (OSRAM) on my zigbee2MQTT on HA other X86-64 server (HA core 2022…) as:
Zigbee fabrikant/model “OSRAM plug 01”
Firmware build date 20140331DEOS****
Firmware versie V1.05.09
Fabrikant/Model OSRAM AB3257001NJ (note “AB32570” is printed on the plug itself)

Foto Zigbee Ledvance Plug: