Lutron Aurora, group binding,zha

Has anyone been able to bind the Aurora to a group of bulbs in zha (preference) or deconz? Here is where I’m at with it: I was running my Zigbee network with deconz but couldn’t get a Lutron aurora to bind with any Zigbee bulbs so I switched everything to zha. In zha I can get the aurora to bind with a single bulb (ecosmart from Home Depot) but cannot get it to bind to a group of these bulbs. Has anyone had any luck or have any ideas where I can search for more help with this?

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yes. here’s full write up

Have you @kmclaughlin or anyone else been able to just bind the aurora to a light group, or a light and have that work?

I’m getting my butt kicked trying to get it to bind to either.

Probably not much help to you but I haven’t tried the above write up (just saw it). So I just binded the aurora with hue bulbs through the hue app and gave up on the ecosmarts, they don’t have as wide of a temperature range as I like anyway so no big loss.

I haven’t tried the direct binding, but my guess is you need to reset the AURORAs to get it to work.