Lutron Aurora

So this is going to be a little long winded so please excuse me, I’m still relatively new to Home Assistant and coding in general.

I recently picked up a Lutron Aurora to try to fit it in to some automation ideas I had. Because its zigbee, it paired right aware with no issues to the HUSBZB-1. However, the only sensor showing is the current battery level. In the clusters, I can see an OnOff cluster, but messing with the switch doesn’t seem to change any values. Looking in the database, it looks like it’s only tracking the Model, manufacture, batter level attributes.

I suppose my question is, can I add to the database to track a new attribute. Will the device see the new table and write to it. and then how do I add that as a sensor to read for automation.
(On that last one, I found I could make a sensor our of a sql database reader and just read the values that way, but that currently won’t work as the Zigbee.db file currently isn’t tracking the on off function of the switch)

Thank you for your time.

I picked up one of these Aurora rotary switches recently and have enjoyed using it in a room with Hue bulbs.
But I’d really like to achieve the same as you: I want to use it in other areas of my flat where I have ra2 select (which is operable fine via HA).
I’d be intrigued to find out whether you’ve made any progress since your post?
(Also, for anyone wondering whether these will work on Hue systems based in the UK, the answer is Yes, they do!)

I’ve managed to get home assistant reading the switch through node-red, however only the dimmer portion seems to work reliably. Still randomly working on it to get it working.

Nice. Keep us updated

Hi, I have the exact same issue. Did you find a way to make them work?

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I also would be VERY interested in being able to run automation with the Lutron Aurora via node-red.

I was successfully able to pair it to HA via ZHA but like others here weren’t able to get anything else other than battery level.

I would love to be able to have HA/node-red turn on/off integrated Philip Hue bulbs based on the Aurora switch toggle.

@GodOf_war could you post what you have currently?

I found out my way to bind the dimmer directly with zigbee light bulbs. It works perfectly now (even when the home assistant is down). I monitor the dimmer battery over home assistant and wrote automations to notify me about the battery level. I don’t use the device directly for my scenes and that’s ok. I don’t need to use it as a relay while I can reach individual light bulbs directly. If I have a non-zigbee device to be in sync with the setup (I have a shelly 1 switch, connected to my table lamp), I take one of the binded zigbee bulbs’ state as the base for the automation, not the dimmer state. On the functionality level, I don’t need dimmer entity on the home assistant now.

I paired the dimmer with ZHA and use ZHA events to trigger automation in HA. ZHA doesn’t create an entity for the dimmers, but does show events. Here’s what the ZHA events look like

If anyone is still interested, I managed to get the Lutron Dimmers integrated directly into home assistant and working in Node Red.

Here’s a full write-up


I’m really struggling with this, even after reading your long and short posts. I attempted to recreate your node-red flow, but I must have something incorrect. Do you have the flow available to download so I can import? I don’t see a link on either of the posts. Thanks!

Use this blueprint and you should be all set.


Pretty cool thanks.
I’d love to set max brightness at 50% during night so I have to setup automation manually however your blueprint really helped me a lot.