Lutron Aurora

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So this is going to be a little long winded so please excuse me, I’m still relatively new to Home Assistant and coding in general.

I recently picked up a Lutron Aurora to try to fit it in to some automation ideas I had. Because its zigbee, it paired right aware with no issues to the HUSBZB-1. However, the only sensor showing is the current battery level. In the clusters, I can see an OnOff cluster, but messing with the switch doesn’t seem to change any values. Looking in the database, it looks like it’s only tracking the Model, manufacture, batter level attributes.

I suppose my question is, can I add to the database to track a new attribute. Will the device see the new table and write to it. and then how do I add that as a sensor to read for automation.
(On that last one, I found I could make a sensor our of a sql database reader and just read the values that way, but that currently won’t work as the Zigbee.db file currently isn’t tracking the on off function of the switch)

Thank you for your time.