Lutron Caseta - Add wall switches to available triggers

The lutron caseta integration allows adding Pico remotes as triggers for automations, which is fantastic. I would like to see this same functionality added to hardwired switches/dimmers/fan controls as well. There are many use cases I would like to add to my setup since my whole home is based on Caseta wall switches and Pico remotes. Here are a few examples:

  • Double-tapping OFF on a switch near a door will turn off all lights inside the house.
  • Double-tapping ON at the garage entry door will turn on all lights leading into the kitchen.
  • Tapping ON when a light is already on will turn on the rest of the lights in the area.

Right now these are only available with Pico remotes. Is this info available through the Smart Bridge Pro and able to be added?

Is this really not a thing in HA?
I assumed that since HA had the Lutron Caseta integration that this would be possible?

I just started buying a bunch of Caseta devices (pro bridge) and setup HA. I did some initial tests and seemed pretty good by setting up an automation using a Pico but didn’t try w/ a wall switch until today and it’s not working.

Yes, it’s really not a thing. I have to believe this information is available from the Caseta Smart Bridge, but the integration developer didn’t think it was useful in this way. However, there’s so much more that can be done with this system if we can get button presses from any Caseta device!

After a little research it looks like this needs to be added to the upstream pylutron-caseta repository for it to be available to home assistant. I added a feature request there to hopefully get help on this.

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I’d really like to be able to use Caseta switch button presses as triggers.

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I agree this would be extremely useful!