Lutron Caseta - already working with HomeKit for years. I want to get my devices into Home Assistant

Hello All… I am days old into this integrating my smart home into home assistant. I have been using Lutron Caseta for years and it works flawlessly. I installed the HA Green and the Lutron Hub as discovered. When I click on “Configure It” it I get this verbiage “Pair with the bridge - To pair with 01f01ea9 (IP Address Here), after submitting this form, press the black button on the back of the bridge.” Will this mess up the Lutron Caseta working with my properly functioning HomeKit installation? Is this the correct way for me to get my Lutron devices in HA and keep them in HomeKit? I have already installed Home Bridge. Please assistant with some instructions. I have about 20 Lutron Caseta devices installed and I don’t want to have to redo that HomeKit portion.