Lutron Caseta component for dummies

I’d like to add my Lutron Caseta bridge and switches to HA, but it seems way more involved than other components. Granted, I’m a newbie.
The component page has these instructions:

To use Lutron Caseta devices in your installation, you must first log in to your Lutron account and generate a certificate that allows Home Assistant to connect to your bridge. This can be accomplished by downloading and executing, which will generate three files: caseta.key, caseta.crt, caseta-bridge.crt when you run it. See the instructions at the top of the script for more information.

But I’m totally at a loss as to how to do this. What do I do after I click the link? How do I download and run the script? Thanks in advance!!

Are you running Hassio? Use the Lutron Caseta Hassio Addon. It makes it simpler.

No, I am running docker homeassistant/home-assistant on Synology.

Okay. if you can manage to install Hassio on a RPI, you can generate the certs there and move it over to the synology NAS. I have used the script before, but it is not intuitive, and seems to fail and you just continue with the link and it should work.

Thanks, but I don’t have a raspberry pi. If I go the script route, where/how would I even execute them?

PM me and we can work it out.

I am running the docker container as well. Struggling to get this running and just got the Lutrons configured so this would be really nice but unsure how to to get this script working

This thread is nearly 2 years old. A lot has happened since then. These instructions helped me get the HA Caseta component set up.

But ultimately, I dumped the native HA Caseta component in favor of the upsert custom component. You can install it through HACS. It was easier to configure, and has extended support for pico remotes if you happen to have the pro bridge.