Lutron Caseta Fan Controls

Does anyone know if there is any active development to include the new Lutron Caseta fan switches? I’m trying to do some testing, but it doesn’t look to be supported yet.

If you have a Pro Caseta hub then try this custom control:

It supports fans. It seems it will be a few months before the new fan controllers are easily obtainable - so I haven’t tested this part of the component. The rest works great!

i might get one of these as well

I do have one of the pro controllers, but I’m using the native Lutron integration. I’m afraid if I switch I’ll have a massive entity naming reconfig on my hands. Going to give it a shot anyways, thank you for the tip.

PS: you can order the fan switches directly from Home Depot today.

I’m also interested in this. Just got the fan switch yesterday. Biggest problem is that you can’t even connect it to a Lutron (non pro) hub as that will render your Lutron lights inoperable in HA. So they are stuck in stand alone mode for now. Would hate to have to buy a Pro hub just to get the fan working. Is there any place where you can put in a request to have this added or anywhere to see if it’s already being worked on?

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ditto, bump


Hoping the RRD-2ANF will get support in the Lutron component

Just bought a couple of these. HA recognized them after a reboot. Using standard gateway (non-pro version)

[fan.master_bedroom_ceiling_fan] off
 speed_list: off, low, medium, high
 speed: off 
 Device ID: 25
 Zone ID: 15 
 friendly_name: Master Bedroom_Ceiling Fan 
 supported_features: 1

Does anybody know why the fan component only has 3 speeds in the speed_list when the caseta switch supports 4 speeds? It seems to skip the medium_high speed. Now that I have had these switches a few months it would be nice I could use all the speeds it supports.

do you use the built-in caseta component or the custom component made by upsert? I use the latter and have 4 fan speeds for my fan. Never used the former, so not sure if this is an issue with the built-in component.

I’m using the Pro Hub and in the drop down menu (speed list) I get all four but on the card buttons only three, How is you configuration? You set the ID as a fan? Pro hub? Upsert componet is what I’m using also

Oops just saw you are using non pro so not upsert

Interesting that the Pro hub exposes the 4 speeds. I knew I shouldn’t have been a cheapskate and went for the Pro :slight_smile:

I’m using the built-in caseta component. I found the architecture thread for the fan component and looks to be a common issue on how the base fan component is implemented with only 3 speeds:

Also found it discussed in here for the lutron caseta fan support:

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To answer your question on github in the architecture discussion, yes you can copy the component files to a custom component and modify them to add the 4th fan speed. You’ll have to give it a new name (ie. pylutron_caseta2) and adjust the code accordingly, but after a reboot you can use the custom component.

This possibly explains why the pro hub component made by upsert has 4 fan speeds, because it is a custom component.

@smurf12345 I was going with the regular hub until I found out the Pico remotes only worked with the Pro, Don’t worry you ain’t the only cheapo! :wink:

I ended up copying the Lutron Caseta component into the custom_component directory and remapping the speed settings. Since my fans with pull chains are way too slow using the low setting with the Lutron Caseta fan switch, I’m ok with loosing the low speed and ended up remapped Medium to Low and Medium_High is now Medium in the Home Assistant fan component. I’m sure there is a better way to do this, but works for now.


    None: SPEED_OFF,
    """Remapped Home Assistant's low to Lutron Caseta's Medium"""
    """Commented out: FAN_MEDIUM: SPEED_MEDIUM"""

    """Remapped Home Assistant's medium to Lutron Caseta's Medium_High"""