Lutron Caseta - Grouping Switches

New to Home Assistant, loving it so far. Having some trouble with something.

Trying to solve for:
Have a few different Lutron Caseta switches in the basement (with Smart Bridge, non-pro). Would like to be able to group them and toggle them all on/off and dim with slider in UI using a custom card.

Problems encountered:

  1. Lutron Caseta app does not seem to support “Rooms” or “Grouping” unlike my Hue setup, which groups and brings into HASS. While I may be able to create a “Scene” within the Lutron app, it doesn’t support a toggle/slider. On/off are different scenes.
  2. I have Pico remotes, which can be programmed in app to control multiple switches, but HASS Lutron integration does not seem to support Pico remotes. There is a custom component I found, but only for the pro version of the bridge.

Any idea on how I can achieve this? Basically, I’m looking for a way to create an entity that groups 2-3 Caseta switches together for toggle/dim control. Seems like it should be fairly simple.

Hey datascope and welcome to the community :partying_face:

Groups are really easy to set up inside Home Assistant.
I guess you’re talking about lights?
If so - there are basically two options:

What’s the difference?
If you call the service light.toggle (Toggle the lights) on a light group, they will all do the same thing (all turn off or all turn on)
If you call light.toggle on a normal group of lights, every light gets toggled individually.

Thank you. Worked perfectly. I was figuring this would be in the UI and couldn’t find it. Appreciated!!

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Yes, Home Assistant is working on integrating everything into the UI for the Version 1.0 release, not everything is here yet.
Feel free to reach out again when you have an issue :smiley: