Lutron Caseta Integration Troubleshooting - Telnet Not Working

Hello all,

So I currently use the custom Lutron integration and was hoping to move everything to the core Lutron Caseta Integration.

After installing it and configuring the integration I notice this error in the logs:

Failed to connect to via LIP at, Pico and Shade remotes will not be available; Enable Telnet Support in the Lutron app under Settings >> Advanced >> Integration

Telnet is configured in the Lutron Smart Bridge PRO. I’m able to use Putty on a separate computer and I can see messages being sent when I press buttons on a Pico and/or other switches. The IP for the smart bridge is static (

My Home Assistant setup is as follows. It runs as Hass OS 2021.6.3 (Hass.IO VM) inside an unRAID Server. I’m wondering if this is a network setting and/or something is blocking the Telnet from the HA machine to the PRO Smart Bridge. I’ve tested it from 2 computers and I know the Telnet service is working.

Any thoughts/suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you


The only thing I can find related is this issue in the HA repo, but I have the L-BDGPRO2 bridge and telnet is also enabled. I can telnet from the HA instance to the Caseta IP, but still getting this error. :thinking:

Just my two cents… I’ll keep poking around and checking back here. I’ll update if I find anything. Might need to open a new issue.

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Thank you. I have an issue opened in GitHub. The bots have now since closed it since no action.

Is this the right place for an issue to be reported?

I think so, but it looks like that was closed as stale.

I dug in and eventually found this forum post, which indicated it would eventually display the login prompt that the underlying library was looking for after 30 seconds. However the library was timing out after 10 seconds.

I opened an issue with the aiolip library, and with Home Assistant (here). Turns out the Lutron Caseta component owner is the same author as the underlying library. The dev updated the timeout on the library (already merged), so we’ll have to wait for that to merge into HA to see if this fixes the issue.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try some explicit filtering on my internal firewall to see if denying the IDENT packet explicitly will make the telnet prompt show up faster, or if there are any other options to speed that up.

Here’s the PR that will merge this into HA:

Ok good news: I added a firewall rule to my network that blocks TCP port 113 from my Caseta. So now the login prompt shows up immediately, and the component doesn’t time out.

@rompca7 Does Telnet still work for Caseta via HA? Trying to find an alternative to the official integration, which unfortunately doesn’t send click events from Lutron Caseta devices like Diva or Claro.

I believe it has to be the Caseta Pro hub.

Thanks for responding! Have you gotten Telnet working with the Pro Hub? Is it possible to get click events and respond to them immediately (i.e. using them to estimate a double click)? Definitely getting a Pro Hub if this is achievable!

You can get click events using the Home Assistant Caseta integration for the Pico remotes via the lutron_caseta_button_event event.

In telnet you can see devices change state, but I’ve found with switches there’s a 1-4 second delay before it shows up in the console. Pico remotes show their status instantly in the console, so I’m not sure why switches do not. I tested this with both classic Caseta switches and the new Diva model.

Events use the format ~OUTPUT,[Integration/Device ID],Action,Level, e.g., ~OUTPUT,3,1,90.00 for switch ID 3 being set to 90%. You can query it with ?OUTPUT,3 as well.

The integration protocol is documented here.

So regardless of whether I use Telnet or the LEAP API, I’d still run into delays and have to rely on state changes? Assuming this makes identifying a double click sort of impossible?

Seems like.

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