Lutron Caseta Interface

Here is a demo of an automation to turn off a light with an 8 second fade to black when pressing button 1 on a 4-button pico (see the button map for the numbers):

- alias: Light Fade Demo
  id: '1516240051730'
  - data:
      entity_id: light.living_room_right_lamp
      transition: 8
    service: light.turn_off
  condition: []
  - entity_id: sensor.living_room_scene_pico
    platform: state
    to: '1'

This is using the custom component on a PRO bridge, otherwise the sensor will not exist and it wouldn’t work.

Thanks for the detailed answer.

My Pro Bridge arrived today… first thought: wow, that is incredibly small. Second thought… wow, that is incredibly easy to set up! Particularly copying the integration report and pasting it into the frontend. Thanks @upsert!

I’m curious about latency/response times when controlling non-caseta devices (i.e. using a pico to control a ge dimmer/switch)

for those that have this configuration, is it perceptibly about as fast as controlling the caseta wireless dimmers? surely it’s at least faster than hacking an amazon dash button?

My experience with the Picos is that their button presses are registered extremely quickly in HA (it feels immediate). So I’d imagine if you’re using them to trigger an automation it would fire instantly.

I’ve linked a Pico to my Denon AVR for volume control on the wall!

I found it very responsive! You can see the sensor value update in HASS pretty quickly. I was very impressed with the responsiveness!

Nice, Thanks for feedback, Just ordered a Pro Bridge kit with dimmer and pico remote. probably just going to use the pico remote as a nightstand control for my bedroom lights which are controlled by a ge z-wave switch. My wife and I occasionally wake each other up telling alexa to control the lights.

I wish someone made a simple z-wave remote that looks like the pico or even hue dimmer remotes. But I like the look of lutron dimmers better than ge anyways, so I guess this works out.

Does the Pro bridge require the Pro Dimmers? I have a non-Pro bridge, with a couple non-Pro dimmers/pico remotes, and am considering upgrading the bridge to a Pro. But I’m not sure it’s worth it if I have to swap out the dimmers too.

No, the Pro dimmers aren’t required.

Good news. Thanks!

Yep, the basic Caseta switches work fine with the Pro Hub, that’s what I’m running.

In fact the difference between the pro and standard/home Hub isn’t hardware, it’s likely only software; whereby the the Pro provides access to the more powerful telnet interface, for integration, while the standard has that feature disabled.

Hey @upsert I opened an issue on the GitHub repo - mind taking a look?


Thanks for making this! should I be able to control dimming in the UI? or is it only through automations - currently I only see a toggle on/off button in HASSio front end


my config:

      - host: IP_ADDRESS
        switch: [ 2 ]

That’s because you explicitly defined it as a switch (ie on/off). Take switch: [ 2 ] out of your config and the component will treat it as a light (ie a dimmable entity).

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I don’t see my Pico remote showing up in Hass, only my switches, do I have to define them?

The first thing to check is if you see them in the Lutron mobile app. Assuming you do, check if you see them in the integration report. That’s the JSON text that you copied into the configuration or saved to a file in your config directory.

If they are in the integration report, they should appear as entities in Home Assistant. They are named after their area, if available, followed by their name. e.g. sensor.living_room_side_table_pico.

Also, it should be noted that they only show up as sensors and not as buttons or switches you can press in Home Assistant. The purpose is to watch when a button is pressed and perform a script or automation action in addition to whatever the button is doing to your lighting system.

If you want to dedicate a Pico to only Home Assistant automations, you can go into the Lutron mobile app and delete any devices associated with the Pico. It will still produce sensor events in Home Assistant.

I do see it in the mobile app, what I don’t have is the integration report saved in my configuration folder. I don’t know how I missed that step. What do I save it as.

Here are the instructions for setup and configuration:

The file would be name lutron_caseta_pro_<bridge ip address>.json, where <bridge ip address> is the IP of your Smart Bridge Pro. It is a text file and can be opened in any text editor.

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I don’t remember getting the configurator prompt. I’ll add this tonight.

Do I have to add it as a switch in my configuration.yaml file?

Here is a video to demonstrating Hassio and enabling the Samba add-on:

After that, your configuration directory is the network share \\HASSIO\config and that is where you would put the custom_component folder and access all your configuration files.

There is no switch to enable the configurator. If will appear on the front-end if you start Home Assistant and lutron_caseta_pro_<bridge ip>.json is missing from your config directory (\\HASSIO\config).

You don’t have to use the configurator. You can email the report to yourself or use Dropbox etc. to get it off your phone and manually copy it to your config directory.