Lutron Caseta L-BDG vs L-BDG2

Hi All - will HA (specifically the Home Assistant Yellow board from CrowdSupply) work with the L-BDG (available in a kit from Home Depot) as well as the L-BDG2-WH? As far as I can find out, the only difference is Apple/Homekit compatibility for the L-BDG2. And I can’t discern what the WH means. Thanks.

The kit should be fine. To my knowledge the kit is the same bridge. Any discrepancies you see are probably just HD website issues. The non-2 version hasn’t shipped for years AFAIK.

A month or so ago, I would have told you to get the Pro bridge if you wanted Pico button events, but that no longer seems necessary.

Thanks! I’ll post here if it doesn’t work. :slight_smile: