Lutron Caseta Motion sensor, continuously checking for motion

My goal is pretty simple I want lights to come on, and stay on while I’m in my bathroom. I have a Lutron Caseta motion sensor, and a Lutron Caseta dimmer. The Caseta motion sensor can only check for motion every 1 minute, so if it sees motion, it stays ‘on’ for 1 minute, and it will continue to stay ‘on’ until motion is not detected and then waits 1 minute and switches to ‘off’. Or at least that’s how I’m understanding it’s function. I’ve tried using blueprints to setup an automation where the lights come on when I walk in and stay on for 10 minutes, however if I’m in the bathroom for 11 minutes, the lights will turn off, and I’ll need to leave the bathroom for a minute for the motion sensor to reset and walk back in for the lights to turn back on. I’ve tried various different manual automations with different automation ‘modes’ to try and get this to work correctly, but it seems like HA is only looking at when a binary sensor changes state, instead of just looking at what the current state is…
Can someone point me in the right direction as to how binary sensors work, and how I can go about achieving the result I’m looking for?

Did you find any luck with this? Looking at buying a few caseta sensors and curious. Fwiw, I think I got this to work using a generic sensor so if you’re still looking let me know.