Lutron Caseta - Multiple Pro Bridges

Running 0.41.0 I’m struggling to get multiple lutron bridge pro’s working at the same time with HASS.

I’ve tried giving one an alias and specifying the second one but no luck.

Has any one had success with multiple bridges?

Wow I did not expect anyone to be running 2 bridges. Let me think about this. Since I don’t have 2 bridges testing the code to support this will be very difficult. Right now the code assumes only 1 bridge.

Just out of curiosity how did you end up running 2 of them?

Wondering if you ever came up with a solution for this? The reason for running multiple bridges is:

  • Additional coverage for large homes
  • Support for more than 50 devices

Homeseer currently supports up to 4 of the PRO bridges.


I too have two bridges, one normal and one pro. Would love to get them both up and running. Anybody working on this?

I have doubt about the current code that is shipping with HASS to support multiple bridges. Someone does have a module that does support multiple bridges, though. See here:

I wish we could get the best features from both combined, but this thread has been silent.

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