Lutron / Caseta / Pico on brightness level

Hi, I have many Lifx and Lutron devices that work great together. Lutron pico remotes are amazing at controlling my Lifx devices.

What I’m having trouble with however, is setting a default brightness on my Lutron devices.

On my Lifx devices I can set a brightness attribute to 20%. This will not turn on the device to 20% brightness when set but rather set the “brightness” to 20% once the device is turned on.

What I’m trying to accomplish with Lutron devices: In my pantry I have a Lutron caseta dimmer and a motion sensor Trigger. During the day when the sensor is triggered the Lutron dimmer load turns on and it does so to 100%. At night, triggered by another Automation (11PM), I’d like the Lutron dimmer light to turn on but only to 20% brightness.

I can’t figure out how to do this. I’d much apricate any guidance.
-Thank you , Patryk